Daniel Ouellet & Camp Can-Aqua
 -  a brief history by Louis Gyori

     In the fall of 1988, Camp Can-Aqua was actively seeking a food catering service for the following summer. It was at this time through many very positive recommendations that I first met Daniel, a young man of 20 years of age. Although he did not have his own business, he had plenty of experience with other catering companies and it was his dream to some day run his own. In our two hour interview, he had me completely convinced that he and other members of his family would provide us with the best food service we have ever had. He was absolutely right! Halfway through the summer, I approached Daniel and told him that with some assistance, I thought he had the qualities to start up his own catering company the next summer. Over the fall and winter, we became close personal friends and a strong respect developed for each other.

     In 1989, Ouellet Catering was born having Can-Aqua and one other summer camp client. By 1992, the number had grown to five. It was apparent that Daniel was on the road to success. I was not surprised to see this happen because I knew Daniel was enthusiastic and ready to face any challenge. He lead by example and provided more for his camp clients and staff than they expected from him. This desire to please "above and beyond" was ever present and contagious. After his passing in June of 1992, his family has maintained this excellence for which Daniel was known for.

     Camp Can-Aqua has dedicated Rainbow's Journey and all it symbolises in memory of Daniel Ouellet.


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     Understanding the needs of active young people, Ouellet Catering will prepare all you can eat mouth watering and dietitian approved meals with basic fresh ingredients right at your site.

     Home baked breads, rolls and special desserts are prepared daily to compliment each meal.

     Further, all meals are carefully put out in a very appealing presentation at the dining hall.

   Campers, staff and families will be talking about your camp's great food.

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